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Car First Aid Kits

Car First Aid Kits: What Yours Should Include

Whether you're hiking a trail, going camping in a tent, or just going for a long drive, it's always best to...

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Tips for Buying your First Car

Tips for Buying Your First Car

We offer one of the most convenient options for completing this requirement helping you get one step closer to...

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Adaptive Cruise Control Systems Make Driving Safer

Will Adaptive Cruise Control Systems Make Driving Safer?

Cruise control has long been a favorite feature of road trippers, weekend warriors, and lead-footed drivers. But what if cruise control could do more than...

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Recycle Car Parts

Be Responsible – Recycle Car Parts!

Many of us make a habit of separating paper, plastic, and glass from our trash to recycle them and do a daily good deed for the environment. But did you know that...

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Recycling Car Parts Aston Martin

Recycling Car Parts: Aston Martin's Eco-Friendly Approach

"Reduce, reuse, and recycle" is a way of life these days, and eco-friendly products are dominating everything from grocery store shelves to...

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Driverless Trucks Self Driving Tech

Driverless Trucks: Self-Driving Tech and the Trucking Industry

We've all heard about self-driving cars, but what about self-driving trucks? How would the trucking industry change in America if semi-trucks became...

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Eco Friendly Car Cleaning Tips

Eco-Friendly Car Cleaning Tips to Prepare for Spring

It's almost March, which means that spring is just around the corner! Whether you live in a warm or cold climate, springtime is an excellent time to...

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Tires of the Future

Tires of the Future: Updating a Classic

The majority of drivers never think twice about their tires unless they go flat unexpectedly and result in a roadside changing. Although there are...

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Safe and Cash Conscious: Great Cars for Young Drivers

Being a new driver on the road can be a stressful experience, and some cars are better equipped than others for minimizing...

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Braindriver Brain Driving Application

Look Ma, No Hands! Inside the BrainDriver Application

The human brain is powerful and impressive, and innovative thinkers have come up with some truly remarkable ways to harness the...

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Gas Milage Apps Help Save Fuel

Gas Mileage Apps To Help You Save on Fuel

iPhone apps regularly help drivers find their destinations, manage their car maintenance, and stay up-to-date on roadway conditions during adverse...

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Mountain Driving Tips for Winter

Mountain Driving Tips for Your Winter Adventures

It's the end of January, which is right in the middle of ski season for many adventure-seekers and athletes across America...

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Five Fuel Saving Engine Technologies

5 Fuel Saving Engine Technologies

Even when gas prices are lower than average, fuel costs are still a big concern for drivers across America...

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History Flying Cars

The History of Flying Cars

For over a century now, people have been dreaming about driving flying cars, high above the traffic and people down below...

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Five Great Driving Apps

5 Great Driving Apps

By now, all drivers — young and old, experienced and inexperienced — have gotten used to hearing the warnings about texting and driving and how dangerous mobile phone...

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Touch Screen Sterring Wheels Future

Are Touch Screen Steering Wheels the Future?

Touch screens are a big part of daily life. So it should probably come as no surprise that auto manufacturers are experimenting with...

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Connected Car Technology Saves Time and Money

Why Connected Car Technology Saves You Time & Money

In a modern world when people are connected to technology and each other pretty much at all times, connected cars are revolutionizing the way we...

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The Future of Self Driving Cars

The Future (and Legality) of Self Driving Cars

Self-driving cars are the automobiles of the future, but lots of legal questions arise as they get closer to being on our...

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Teen Texting while Driving

Can Simulation Booths Help Prevent Teen Texting While Driving?

By now, most teenagers in American have been warned repeatedly about the dangers of texting and driving. Yet sometimes...

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What Exactly Causes the New Car Smell

What Exactly Causes the New Car Smell?

There's just something enticing and strangely desirable about that new car smell. You know, that...

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