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Car First Aid Kits: What Yours Should Include

18 May

Whether you’re hiking a trail, going camping in a tent, or just going for a long drive, it’s always best to be prepared for medical emergencies and injuries. Many people don’t pack first-aid kits in their cars because they believe having a cell phone with them at all times is sufficient. However, even some minor […]

Using 511 for Traffic Information and More

12 May

Everyone is familiar with dialing 911 for emergency situations. In the past, you may have even dialed 411 for information and directory assistance or 311 for nonemergency services and city information. But one of the most important three-digit numbers for drivers to know is 511. Have you ever dialed 511 while on the road? What […]

Tips for Buying Your First Car

1 May

Buying your very first car is an emotional experience. It’s exciting, intimidating, and terrifying all at once! It’s also a rite of passage for new drivers and a milestone to remember for the rest of your life. But once your emotions settle down a bit, it’s time to think about a new car purchase in […]

Safety Tips for Driving at Night

27 Apr

If you find driving after dark a little daunting, you’re certainly not alone. Night driving is considerably more challenging and nearly half of all accidents occur at night – even though most driving actually takes place during the day. At night, our eyes experience decreased depth perception, peripheral vision, color recognition, and focus. Add roaming […]

Tips to Help You Avoid Emotional Driving

16 Apr

For many people, driving is a way to relieve stress, get away from negative situations, or clear their thoughts. But getting behind the wheel when your emotions are running high can be dangerous. Distracted driving isn’t just about texting, browsing the web, or eating a cheeseburger. Emotions can be very distracting for drivers and result […]

Be Responsible – Recycle Car Parts!

12 Apr

Many of us make a habit of separating paper, plastic, and glass from our trash to recycle them and do a daily good deed for the environment. But did you know that many of your car’s parts can be recycled too? Keeping up with regular auto maintenance can make your vehicle last longer and perform […]

Eco-Friendly Car Cleaning Tips to Prepare for Spring

25 Feb

It’s almost March, which means that spring is just around the corner! Whether you live in a warm or cold climate, springtime is an excellent time to catch up with car maintenance and start taking better care of your set of wheels. Spring is also a great time to turn over a greener leaf and […]

Being a Driver for Uber: The Perks and Challenges

12 Feb

Uber is a popular and somewhat controversial ride-hailing service that has gained significant momentum in many cities around the world. The company is valued at over $40 million despite some cities banning the service and even a few lawsuits against the company. Uber is part of a growing trend of ride-hailing mobile apps, including Lyft […]

Mountain Driving Tips for Your Winter Adventures

25 Jan

It’s the end of January, which is right in the middle of ski season for many adventure-seekers and athletes across America. Reaching the country’s top ski and snowboard resorts often involves some treacherous driving. After all, why travel to hit the slopes if there isn’t any powder on the ground? Perhaps you live in mountainous […]

How to Transfer Your Driver’s License to Another State

27 Dec

For many people, a new year means a new beginning. As 2015 swings into full gear, many of us will be making positive New Year’s resolutions and trying to stick to them. If one of your resolutions involves moving to a new city, there are a few logistical things you may need to take care […]