Eco-Friendly Car Cleaning Tips to Prepare for Spring

Author: Joey Rosenberg

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Eco Friendly Car Cleaning Tips

It's almost March, which means that spring is just around the corner! Whether you live in a warm or cold climate, springtime is an excellent time to catch up with car maintenance and start taking better care of your set of wheels.

Spring is also a great time to turn over a greener leaf and lessen the toll that your driving habits take on Mother Nature. With the environment and your budget in mind, here are four eco-friendly car tips to get ready for spring.

Wash Your Own Car

Although car care professionals will likely do a better job of making your vehicle look shiny and new, that beautiful look comes with an environmental price. Many traditional car washes use 40 to 50 gallons of water to wash a single car, which is considerably more than you would need to use with your own hose and bucket. The products that some car washes use are full of toxic chemicals, and the runoff from car washes can seep into soil and groundwater sources.

So as the temperatures begin to warm up, consider making car wash day a family affair. And car washing is great exercise too! Just make sure to use biodegradable and organic cleaners so you don't end up creating a toxic runoff stream of your own.

Regularly Clean Bug and Bird Spots

Insects begin to come out in full force in the spring, and many car owners don't regularly bother cleaning bug spots off their vehicles. However, insects and bird droppings leave deposits on your car's paint job, and cause deterioration over time. To address the problem before it becomes unmanageable, use a microfiber cloth to clean off bug and bird spots after particularly messy drives. Not only will you be protecting your car's paint, you'll also be able to go longer between car washes.

Use Eco-Friendly Interior Cleaners

Just as you should use organic and non-toxic cleaners for the outside of your car, eco-friendly interior cleaners are available too. Many commercial cleaning products come with risks of toxic inhalation and skin contact, which can take a toll on your health and the environment you live in. Fortunately, there are some green interior cleaners that use natural cleaning agents and scented oils that don't put your family's health at risk. Eco Touch Premium Car Care, for example, sells eco-friendly cleaning products for glass, carpet, upholstery, leather, and odor removal.

Let Your Car Breathe

Just as you could use a breath of fresh air on a regular basis, your vehicle can benefit from airing out from time to time. Car interiors begin to smell because of spills, pets, and gym bags. They can also begin to smell because of dampness after you're caught in the rain or still dripping from a pool party.

When your car is in a safe location, open up your windows and let the interior get some fresh air. Even just cracking the window helps reduce odors in a pinch. For strong odors, pick up some biodegradable dryer sheets and stuff them under seats, in pockets, and in crevices!