Be Responsible — Recycle Car Parts!

Author: Joey Rosenberg

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Recycle Car Parts

Many of us make a habit of separating paper, plastic, and glass from our trash to recycle them and do a daily good deed for the environment. But did you know that many of your car's parts can be recycled too?

Keeping up with regular auto maintenance can make your vehicle last longer and perform better, but even with the best of care, old parts sometimes need to be replaced. If you're concerned about your vehicle's carbon footprint, this is great news! These are some of the parts of your car that can be most commonly recycled.

Oil Filters

When you get the oil changed in your car, make sure that filter doesn't get tossed in the trash. Not only are oil filters recyclable, they are also required to be properly disposed of by law. You can choose to get your oil changed at a shop that recycles filters or learn how to change the oil yourself.

Windshield Glass

Windshields become damaged frequently in auto accidents, and many of these broken windshields end up in landfills across America. However, there are some windshield replacement companies that are working with recycling companies to separate the broken glass from the layers of plastic on either side of it. When recycled, auto glass can be reused to form glass bottles and fiberglass insulation.


Tire waste has been a huge problem in American landfills; however, tires can definitely be reused and repurposed. Once removed from cars, unwanted used tires can be transformed into playing field surfaces, asphalt, and garden mulch.

Engines and Transmissions

Engines and transmissions have a tremendous longevity and can actually be reused once removed from their current vehicles. Both of these parts can be dismantled, cleaned, reconditioned, and resold for use in future vehicles. Remanufactured engines can actually be more efficient than they were when they were first used because of advanced technology and materials.


It isn't just a good idea to recycle car batteries, it's also absolutely essential for health and safety. The lead found in car batteries is extremely toxic and should never be simply discarded in a landfill. Most states actually have a "take back" law that offers a cash incentive for the exchange of an old battery for a brand new one.

Scrap Metal

Almost every type of metal that makes up your car is recyclable. Large metal pieces can often be brought to a local salvage yard for a small compensation. Some smaller parts can actually be recycled via a curbside recycling program. However, you should check your local regulations to verify if there is a weight limit or packaging requirement. Door handles, headlight bezels, and side mirrors are easily recyclable as scrap metal as well.