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511 Traffic Information

Using 511 for Traffic Information and More

Lots of states have adopted a 511 traffic system program to provide drivers with up-to-the-minute travel and traffic...

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New California Undocumented Drivers License Law

The New California Undocumented Driver's License Law

In case you haven't been reading about it in the news lately, a new California law went into effect in January that extends legal driving privileges to undocumented...

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Online Driver Ed Guide By State

Our Online Driver Ed Guide: What Do We Offer in Your State?

First Time Driver is a resource offered by the American Safety Council designed to equip individuals with the tools and information that they need to get their first driver's license. We offer a variety of...

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Top Five California Road Trips

The Top 5 California Road Trips

When it comes to road tripping in America, there's just something special about the state of California...

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