Our Online Driver Ed Guide: What Do We Offer in Your State?

Author: Joey Rosenberg

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Online Driver Ed Guide By State

First Time Driver is a resource offered by the American Safety Council designed to equip individuals with the tools and information that they need to get their first driver's license. We offer a variety of courses across America to serve the needs of new drivers who are faced with different state requirements.

To help you navigate the legalese of driving a car for the first time, you can search for relevant courses by state. Here are our current offerings and how they can help you hop into the driver's seat.

California Driver Education

If you live in California and are under the age of 18, you are required to complete a driver education course before being able to apply for a learner's permit or get your license. First Time Driver offers California Online Permit prep for $14.95, a California Driver Education Online Course for $24.95, and a combo course with the two combined for $35. Our California driver education online course meets California state DMV requirements and is 100 percent online.

Colorado Driver Education

Fifteen-year-olds in Colorado can apply for a driver's permit only after completing an approved driver's education course. Our Colorado course meets this requirement and prepares teens for their written test. It costs just $39 and is approved by the Colorado state DMV.

Florida DATA Course & Online Permit Exam

First Time Driver has several options available for Florida residents. You can take your Florida Permit Test Online for just $22.95. We also offer the four hour Drug and Alcohol Course (which new Florida drivers must complete prior to taking the Learner's Permit exam) for $19.00, the Drug and Alcohol Course with Online Permit Exam for $37.95 (you save $4), and the Drug and Alcohol Course with Online Permit Exam and Exam Prep for $49.95 (you save $6.95).

Georgia Joshua's Law Driver Education

Joshua's Law was implemented in Georgia in 2007, which requires new drivers to complete an approved driver education course and 40 hours of driving experience with a parent or legal guardian. Our Georgia Driver Education Course fulfills the first part of this requirement, with 30 hours of driver education approved by the Georgia Department of Driver Services.

Ohio Driver Education

If you are under 18 and living in Ohio, you'll need to take 24 hours of approved driver education as part of your requirement prior to applying for your driver's license. Instead of spending all of that time in a classroom, you can take our Ohio Driver Education Online Course for $99. We also offer an Ohio Online Permit Prep Course for $14.95. For the best value, you can take both for just $109.

Oklahoma Parent-Taught Driver Education

Online Oklahoma Parent-Taught Driver Education is a DPS-approved course that can save you some serious time and money. Our Oklahoma Online Permit Prep Course is just $14.95, and our Oklahoma Driver Education Online Course is $69. You can take them both for a total of $79. Don't you spend enough time in classrooms for your other high school classes?

Texas Parent-Taught Driver Education

Parent-taught driver education is a great option in Texas and our full course costs just $99. It's approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety and allows parents and teens to review and complete the course in the comfort of their own home when it is convenient for them. We also offer Adult Driver Education for new drivers aged 18 and over.