Online Georgia Driver Education

Did you know you can satisfy Joshua's Law Classroom Requirement with an online driver education course? Not sure how online training works? It's not as complicated or confusing as you might think. In fact, online courses offer a lot of perks traditional classroom courses can't.

How Does an Online Course Work?

Online courses are basically like an interactive e-textbook. Instead of being lectured by a teacher, the material is presented as text, videos and animations. You can log in and out of the course as many times as you want during any time of the day. Since our course will automatically save your progress, you won't need worry about forgetting where you left off or losing work.

Why Online?

  • Flexible schedules — complete lessons wherever and whenever you want.
  • Self-paced learning — log on and off as needed, course saves your progress.
  • Low cost — save money and time compared to classroom courses.
  • Use any mobile device — complete course on any device with internet access.
  • Available 24/7 — our customer care team is US-based and here for you 24/7.

Since the course is mobile friendly, you can start the course on a tablet, switch to your phone, then work from your home computer later. This creates a huge amount of flexibility, since it lets you work on the course when you've got a minute to spare from anywhere with internet access. You can work through the material at the pace best suited for you. The entire course is tailored to you and your learning style at whatever pace you are comfortable with.

Taking an online course will undoubtedly save you a lot of time. Since you can access the course on mobile devices, you save the time it would take to get to and from class. Instead of having to sit for a few hours, you decide when to work on the course and for how long. You aren't following a class schedule and have complete flexibility to learn at your own pace.

Studying online provides a calmer and more familiar atmosphere that many students have found easier to learn in. Instead of struggling through a noisy classroom with all kinds of distractions, you can complete the course in a more relaxed environment — whether it be in your own room or outside in the fresh air.

Online courses are significantly less expensive than a classroom course and can save you and your family hundreds of dollars. With our online course there is no added fees or additional textbooks you need to purchase. The course price even includes your exam and Certificate of Completion.

GA Driver Education Requirements

If you want your Georgia Class D Driver's license and are 16 years old, then you must take a 30-hour driver education course per Joshua's Law.

Classroom Versus Online

Classroom learning is oftentimes what people think of first when they need any kind of training. If you're looking for something more flexible to suit your busy schedule, it's important to know you have other options that might be a better fit. With online training, you get your time, money and peace of mind back knowing that you can complete the course at your own pace from the comfort of your home. Plus, you will learn the exact same material that would be covered in a classroom course.

If you think the affordability and convenience of an online course is a good fit for you, register to begin our DDS-approved Georgia Driver Education Course today!