Texas Learner's Permit and Driver's Education Course

In the state of Texas, the Department of Licensing and Registration (TDLR) requires teens to complete a driver education course before applying for their learner's permit and driver's license for the first time. This requirement can be met in the comfort of your own home with the parent administering the course material to the student through a Parent-Taught Driver Education Course or the student can take complete the requirements without parental supervision through our Online Texas Driver Education Course.

To begin the Parent-Taught Driver Education Course you must first complete a Parent Taught Driver Education application. Mail this to the address on the form along with the $20 fee.

Once you have received approval from the TX TDLR, typically this occurs within three weeks, you may begin the online Parent Taught Driver Education.

Remember: the Online Texas Driver's Ed does not require the PTDE Packet.

Texas Learner's Permit

Once you have completed the first module of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion and can apply for a learner's permit. Bring the certificate, forms from the PTDE packet, and identification to your nearest DPS to apply for your learner's permit. Now you can begin behind-the-wheel training!

Texas Driver's License

Once you have completed our online course and also completed 44 hours of behind-the-wheel training (with at least 10 hours of night driving practice) you may apply for your provisionaldriver's license. Your certificate of completion will be available for instant download. Bring this and all other required forms to the DPS where you must successfully complete a road test to earn your driver's license.

Documents Needed

To apply for both the learner's permit and driver's license, you will need to bring documents that verify identity, US citizenship, Texas residency, and proof of enrollment in high school (or a diploma/GED). The documents accepted by the DPS for this verification can be found here.

Adult Driver Education Students

Teen between the ages of 18-24 must take an adult driver education course, however they may take Online Texas Driver Ed or Parent-Taught Driver Education if preferred. The course does not require you to take a permit exam. Simple complete our online course at your own pace. Upon a successful completion of our 6-hour course, you will be sent a certificate of completion within 7-15 business days. Once you have your certificate, take it to your local DPS along with the other required documentation. There you will be asked to pass a vision and driving skill test. Upon passing, you will receive your Texas Driver’s License.