Road Rules Practice Test

1. If you plan to drive after drinking, everyone should be aware that alcohol first affects:

2. While driving, if you are approached from any direction by an emergency vehicle using its flashing lights and/or sirens, you must:

3. You are required to stop at a railroad crossing with lights and mechanical gates when:

4. If you are stopped by a police officer in your vehicle, you must:

5. When driving during the daytime in fog, rain or smoke, you must:

6. When a traffic officer directs you to proceed through the intersection when the red light is visible, you should:

7. When traveling on a highway divided ino four traffic lanes, which vehicles are required to stop for a school bus that has stopped to unload children?

8. When a traffic signal shows a steady yellow light, the driver should:

9. You are required to signal before making any turn at least ________ in advance.

10. Indicating to other vehicles that it is safe to pass by flashing directional signals is:

Thank you for testing some basic road rules with us!

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