Online Driver Education

Several states have approved online driver education courses and Pennsylvania is no exception. This means you no longer have to spend hours in a classroom to complete your education requirement and can opt for an online course instead. The trade-off gives you more time and flexibility while saving you money at the same time.

How Do Online Courses Work?

Online courses cover the same information as a traditional course in the classroom but in a different format. Instead of listening to a teacher lecture, you will read through digestible sections of text, watch videos and interact with some animations to learn the material.

To sign up for an online course, you will need to create a login, which will give you access to the material. Each chapter is broken into smaller pieces, so the information is easier to retain. The course saves your progress automatically and is mobile friendly. You are free to switch between devices as much as you would like.

Why Online?

Online courses offer a convenient alternative option for busy students, and some of the other benefits you will enjoy include:

  • Flexible schedules — complete lessons wherever and whenever you want.
  • Self-paced learning — log on and off as needed, course saves your progress.
  • Low cost — save money and time compared to classroom courses.
  • Use any mobile device — complete course on any device with internet access.
  • Available 24/7 — our customer care team is US-based and here for you 24/7.

Perhaps the most wide-reaching benefit, online courses provide you with more flexibility than a traditional classroom course. Because you can access the material with a quick login, you can work on the course whenever you have time. Whether you have an hour to spare or just a few minutes, how much time you spend in the course at once and when is up to you. Additionally, our courses are compatible with mobile devices, which means you can access the course on your phone, tablet and so on. With this kind of flexibility, the course works around your schedule and makes driver education less of a burden for you.

With online training, you never have to worry about falling behind the class. You can work through the material at your own pace, spending as much time on a section as you'd like.

Online courses can be offered at a significantly lower cost compared to classroom training. More and more students are realizing that you can receive the same course online for a fraction of the cost of a classroom course.


Online providers cannot fulfill your behind-the-wheel requirement, and you must take your behind-the-wheel portion at a different school. The money you save by taking an online driver education course will help you cover the cost of the behind-the-wheel training.

Pennsylvania Driver Education Requirement

If you want to have an unrestricted driver's license before you turn 18 in Pennsylvania, then you need to take a 30-hour driver education course as well as complete 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training. There are three main avenues through which you can take the course: online, secondary schooling and commercial schools.

Classroom Versus Online

Online training is becoming widely known for its flexibility, convenience and low cost. While only you can decide which method will be best for you, online training is gaining traction among young drivers who need a course that can accommodate a demanding schedule without sacrificing quality.