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1. What is the legal BAC limit for minors in Nevada?

2. The best protection you have in a serious crash is your seatbelt.

3. The front seat is the safest place in a car.

4. How often should you inspect your tires?

5. What kind of information do diamond-shaped signs usually provide drivers?

6. When a road sign is green, it generally provides the driver with what information?

7. You can pass on a road with a solid yellow line.

8. A pennant-shaped sign is usually used for:

9. If an arrow light is flashing yellow, you must come to a complete stop and wait for it to turn green.

10. When you are on a two-lane highway and see a solid white line, what does that line mean?

11. You should never park your car within how many feet of the nearest railroad rail?

12. If children are present, it is illegal to make a U-turn in a school zone.

13. If you are stopped at an intersection with no lights, the car on your left has the right-of-way.

14. When you're driving, on average, how much time does it take to react to a situation?

15. If an average car is traveling 65 mph, how many feet will it take for the car to come to a complete stop?

16. How many seconds ahead should you look while driving?

17. It is illegal to use any handheld wireless communication device like a cell phone while driving.

18. You must drive in a clockwise direction in a roundabout.

19. To hand signal a left turn, you must stick your arm straight out.

20. When backing up your car, you should always look over your left shoulder.

Thank you for testing some basic road rules with us!

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