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1. Pedestrians at a crosswalk always have the right-of-way.

2. It is permitted to use advanced technologies like self-parking and back-up cameras on a driving test.

3. How many times more likely are you to survive a fatal crash by wearing a seat belt?

4. Around how many inches do airbags need to inflate?

5. Which of these is not a category of distracted driving?

6. A car can become how many degrees hotter than the air outside?

7. If an arrow light is flashing yellow, you must come to a complete stop and wait for it to turn green.

8. Which of the following signs indicates that cars may pass on either side of an obstruction or traffic island?

9. What does the following sign mean?
Road Sign

10. You must drive in a clockwise direction in a roundabout.

11. If two cars face each other on a mountain road where only one car can get through, the car facing uphill has the right-of-way.

12. You can never be cited for speeding if you do not go over the posted speed limit.

13. When driving within 500 to 1,000 feet of children crossing the street, what is California's standard speed limit?

14. How far ahead should you scan while driving to safely detect possible hazards?

15. On average, it takes a car moving at 55 mph at least 400 feet for the driver to react and come to a complete stop.

16. A broken yellow line on the road means:

17. If you are entering a bike lane to make a right turn or park, you must enter the lane no more than 200 feet before the turn or parking spot.

18. Where is it legal to make a U-turn?

19. When parking at a colored curb, white means:

20. How far away must you be from the car in front of you to stop safety in an emergency?

Thank you for testing some basic road rules with us!

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