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Will Adaptive Cruise Control Systems Make Driving Safer?

30 Apr

Cruise control has long been a favorite feature of road trippers, weekend warriors, and lead-footed drivers. But what if cruise control could do more than just maintain your speed and give your foot a break? Advanced cruise control technology is here, and it promises to help drivers be safer on the road than ever before. […]

Driverless Trucks: Self-Driving Tech and the Trucking Industry

26 Feb

We’ve all heard about self-driving cars, but what about self-driving trucks? How would the trucking industry change in America if semi-trucks became automated and no longer required human operation? Some industry experts predict that semi-trucks will be driving themselves before cars do, which could make shipping more efficient but also put thousands of truck drivers […]

What is the “Driving While Black” App, and What Does it Do?

20 Feb

A mobile smartphone app called “Driving While Black” was sure to spark controversy in the hearts and minds of drivers as soon as it was released. But the developers insist that the app can help drivers of all races and backgrounds understand their civil rights and be more prepared for traffic stops with police. Here’s […]

Tires of the Future: Updating a Classic

18 Feb

The majority of drivers never think twice about their tires unless they go flat unexpectedly and result in a roadside changing. Although there are many technological innovations that excite auto manufacturers and drivers, tires have largely looked the same for decades. The appearance and performance of tires has been pretty standard, but one tire manufacturer […]

Will DUI Apps Help Drivers to Avoid Accidents and Arrest?

15 Feb

Drunk driving continues to be a major problem in America, but no matter how scary the statistics are, inebriated drivers continue to get behind the wheel. In today’s modern age, we rely on technology to solve many of our problems and to keep us informed, organized, and entertained. Some app developers have been investigating whether […]

Being a Driver for Uber: The Perks and Challenges

12 Feb

Uber is a popular and somewhat controversial ride-hailing service that has gained significant momentum in many cities around the world. The company is valued at over $40 million despite some cities banning the service and even a few lawsuits against the company. Uber is part of a growing trend of ride-hailing mobile apps, including Lyft […]

Look Ma, No Hands! Inside the BrainDriver Application

6 Feb

The human brain is powerful and impressive, and innovative thinkers have come up with some truly remarkable ways to harness the potential of brain waves. For example, brain-controlled technology has been used in robots and prosthetic limbs that give mobility back to the disabled and injured. Video game creators have been able to design devices […]

Gas Mileage Apps To Help You Save on Fuel

4 Feb

iPhone apps regularly help drivers find their destinations, manage their car maintenance, and stay up-to-date on roadway conditions during adverse weather. Well now, app developers are trying to help cash conscious drivers get better gas mileage and stop wasting fuel when they drive. Fuel Economy Calculator An England-based IT consulting company, Corbenic Consulting Ltd., has […]

Is “Social Media While Driving” the New Texting?

31 Jan

We always hear about the dangers of texting and driving, but is texting really the problem? Or do the larger problems lie with other actions on those hand-held electronic devices? Here’s what a recent survey revealed and what it means for drivers on the road today. Increases in Phone Use Despite all the anti-texting and […]

5 Fuel Saving Engine Technologies

17 Jan

Even when gas prices are lower than average, fuel costs are still a big concern for drivers across America. While many drivers believe that the car they drive ultimately determines fuel efficiency, there are many other things that affect how far a tank of gas goes as well. These are some of the top fuel-saving […]